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Sustainability Dinner at LIU Post


On April 26, 2017, I was honored to co-host the annual Sustainability Dinner and Awards Ceremony. Our keynote speaker this year was former Congressman Steve Israel. Congressman Israel recently started the LIU Global Institute. He spoke about the need to push for policy on campus, in the community, and in the US to protect the environment. He noted that climate change is a recognized as a threat to national security. Chef Justin, and his Aramark team, prepared a delicious vegan dinner – thereby lessening the environmental impact of the email.

sustainability dinner1 Sustainability dinner3 Sustainability dinner4 sustainability dinner2_Israel

Environmental Soc students visit Covanta facility

IMG_1866As part of our focus on waste and environmental pollution, my environmental sociology class toured Covanta’s Babylon facility. This is a waste-to-energy facility that produces enough energy to light one in three houses in Babylon. The site is located on an old landfill that polluted the groundwater. As part of their contract with the city, Covanta cleans the contaminated water and uses the clean water to operate their equipment. After a technical lecture about their operations, our guide took us around the facility and we even braved the room where the trash is sorted.


Campus event: Film screening of “Food Chains”

food chains campus posterWith support from Sustainable Post and the Sociology department, Sarah Pomerenke and I showed the film “Food Chains” at LIU Post. This event is part of a semester long campus focus on food and waste issues. As a graduate intern with Aramark, Sarah has worked on sustainable campus food issues. I was inspired to show this film on campus after viewing it at a community event hosted by Rural Migrant Ministries. This organization loaned us photography from the movie. We displayed these photos at the film screening and at other events on campus.


Food Chains flyer


Campus event: Sustainability & Food

sustainable food flyerOn November 17, 2015, we hosted a well attended event with SLOW Food organizer and chef, Bhavani Jaroff, and Aramark Sustainability Director Matthew Thompson. While they were approaching the issue with different solutions, they both spoke about the importance of student involvement and consumer awareness. They identified the importance of eating local and the problems of mass production. Students interested in campus food issues can contact me, Prof. Scott Carlin, or Sarah Pomerenke at LIU Post. We also encourage you to attend the Sustainable Post meetings. And don’t forget about the Sociology of Food course this Spring 2016!


Nanotechnology Brief distributed by the California Research Bureau

Nano Brief PictureIn collaboration with Christine Shearer and Stacey Frederick (fellow CNS-affiliated researchers), we produced a brief on nanotechnology for the California Research Bureau (CRB). The CRB published and distributed the brief to California legislators, and specifically: the Governor’s Office; the Senate committee on Business, Professions, and Economic Development; the Senate committee on Labor and Industrial Relations; the Assembly committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials; and the Assembly committee on Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy. To view and download the brief, click here:

Environmental Sociology course visits Fox Hollow Farm

Several students from my environmental sociology course visited Fox Hollow Farm in Huntington, NY to help plant garlic and learn about the wonderful work being done by the owners, Heather and Larry. After separating the garlic to bulb, Heather served us tea and muffins before we planted the garlic. They told us about their important work in Long Island to support small farms, local agriculture, organics, and social justice issues. We plan to return in a couple weeks.

Jennifer Rogers-Brown interviewed on KCSB’s No Alibis

“No Alibis” radio hosts, Elizabeth Robinson and Marisela Marquez, interviewed me today on KCSB 91.9 (Santa Barbara, CA). We spoke about my summer research in Mexico City, Oaxaca, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Topics covered NAFTA, organic foods, globalization, and resistance to genetically modified food. I will provide the podcast here once it is available.